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Most Hair Band Hair Band

Current events: Don Dokken has officially retired forever from music.  The band was set to reunite in 2020/2021 but he has called it quits.  Where does Dokken rank as a band in hair band history? In 2001, Pantera members are mulling over getting back together with a new lead singer.  Who was the lead singerContinue reading “Most Hair Band Hair Band”

Hair Band Summit Part #1

Here are a few notes from the first hair band summit as released a few days ago. We featured my brother, “Big Jack” and our best friend Jude Hunt. Our collective ability to know a bunch of useless stuff in addition to the ability to have a strong and well informed opinion, gives us totalContinue reading “Hair Band Summit Part #1”

Who remembers that famous day and year

On this day in 1807, the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in Portland, Maine. During his lifetime, Longfellow’s poetry enjoyed extraordinary popularity at home and abroad. Many of his poems served as standard recitation pieces in American schools well into the twentieth century. Longfellow’s longer narrative poems include EvangelineExternal (1847), The Song of Hiawatha External (1855), and The CourtshipContinue reading “Who remembers that famous day and year”

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