Some snippets

Here are some pieces of things I’ve been working on. All of these are bits of other things I am working on. None of them have a point right now.

“Entering through Silence”. She enters by silence. No announcement, no fan fare, no gratuitous “entrance” or theme music, she just entered. She entered life, the room and invited a greater change for the good forever. Silence introduced the loudest change and provided an opened door as she walked through it.

“Ashes”. Representing a “once was,” ashes are symbolic. Charred into black and gray and void of life and color, ashes seem to linger. Are ashes an example of a physical manifestation of a memory? Think of the person who’s loved one was cremated and lives in a collection in an urn? Ashes are charred versions of pieces of people. Ashes are the “once was.”

“Courtyard”. Standing in an 18th century courtyard at the governor’s mansion, I awaited the governor. He was to give me a letter of marque to continue raiding efforts up and down the coast. The water from the fountain and the manicured hedges provided a lush backdrop. It is soothing after my time at sea. I am sunburnt and dirty but am also eager to see what this meeting in the courtyard will bring

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