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Preparations are underway as we draw closer to the opening of the third season! I’m excited to bring it to you! As the dropping of the new episodes draw near, I’d like to share some of the topics you can expect on season three of “Chilly.”

Some of these are still in the works and some are already completed. I’ve recently completed researching and recording episodes on; Tombstone, Az., the political allegory of the Wizard of Oz, and a synopsis of the life of John Wilkes Booth prior to his assassination of President Lincoln.

Still to come are guests who include; Bruce Orr, the author of “Six Miles to Charleston”, Travis Dodd a Civil War reenactor, and other friends bringing all sorts of experiences and information. Don’t forget! Big Jack will be back as well! We’re planning a two part summit on hair bands, a deep dive into insults from years gone past, your NASCAR update(s), James Bond tribute, and criminal cold cases from the area with law enforcement.

This proves to be our best season yet and I can’t wait to have you join me! You can reach out to the show at with questions, ideas, or anything else you would like to share. You can also reach us here with comments on the blog posts. Show notes and sources will be here as well.

“Chilly” Season three drops February 17!!! History belongs to all of us!

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