Hair Band Summit Part #1

Here are a few notes from the first hair band summit as released a few days ago. We featured my brother, “Big Jack” and our best friend Jude Hunt. Our collective ability to know a bunch of useless stuff in addition to the ability to have a strong and well informed opinion, gives us total license to put this episode together. Below are a few tidbits. In order to get more information, check the episode out. You can access it here on the podcast website.

I like to think we have some great band names for our Super Groups! Jude – Sixx Pack…just think of the marketing you could do with that! Big Jack – Low Hangin’ Fruit or Mmmmmm and Me – Inhale Carnage! That’s right. Carnage! Deal with all that Carnage! Feel free to share your thoughts and “vote.” Check out the members of our respective groups on the podcast.

Share with us who you would put in your Hair Band Super Group too! Part 2 drops Friday 5/13/22. On the upcoming episode we share who the “Most Hair Band Hair Band” is, in our humble opinion of course!

Any and all comments are welcomed and encouraged!


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