Why choose THIS topic? John Wilkes Booth is America’s most infamous assassin. No doubt. He is the first Presidential assassin, celebrated (oddly) by millions of people in his day…no really, he was…and written about so many times over the years.

With the first episode of my podcast series set to drop on March 15, the “Ides of March”, it felt pertinent to point out a couple of things prior to the launch of the ten part series.

First and foremost, this is not a way of lifting him up. Make no mistake on that, please. Many of you who will listen may long for Antebellum America. That’s ok…but it isn’t. My goal in this is simply to educate. If you read one book about this topic, you’re going to want to read more. That happened to me for sure! Please understand, my goal is to share out all the information that I’ve gathered through books, internet, articles, and interviews.

Secondly, it is important to note how big of a turning point this time in history actually became. So many things in American history were at a crossroads that it reminds me of one of those books you read as a child where you choose the outcome and turn to a certain page. “If you do this…turn to page…”

Finally, it’s important to note the behavior of the people and circumstances so we don’t do it again. Much of this story is rooted in politics. In today’s climate of political theater, there are extremists on both sides. However, the majority of the people are NOT those types of people. “Booth” is a warning. Look inward and then look outward. Look around you. Rise up against the badness and have a free exchange of ideas.


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I’m just a history nerd trying to spread the good word.

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