“Booth” Act 1 – Junius

This blog site will serve several companion-type duties for the podcast episodes. My goal is to give you a deeper understanding of the material in each of the episodes. Here you will find each Act’s sources, but in addition to that, my goal is to provide other media to enrich the podcast visual experience. Photos, charts, graphs, any applicable primary or secondary source material will be made available here.

Any and all your comments are welcomed. As a matter of fact, they’re encouraged. Please do so. Please interact with the show. Thank you for listening!


Junius Brutus Booth, father to John Wilkes Booth
Junius Brutus Booth, father of John Wilkes Booth
An artists rendering of Junius Brutus Booth playing Richard III in 1817
Tudor Hall, the home built by Junius in Bel Air, Maryland
An artist’s rendering of Junius. This may actually be a cartoon done as a review of Junius’ later performance.
From the Harvard Houghton Library, this is a representation of the Boothites vs Keanites and their battle for the Shakespearean public

Sources (forgive the informality of the list as well as the arrangement, I’m not writing papers anymore!) I’ve listed internet, book, article…literally everything here. If Wikipedia had a page for it, I clicked the page of the source and did NOT read the Wikipedia entry. Doing that would have made me a hypocrite in the eyes of my former history students.


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