Act 3 Antebellum Politics

In Act 3, we continue on through the journey of John Wilkes Booth as it relates to his politics. In this episode, I am going to begin an argument about how the assassination of Lincoln was a political as anything else. In Act 1, we learned about Junius Brutus Booth, in Act 2 we meet Edwin Booth and learn more about the brothers, and in this episode we collect the thoughts and information that will shape John Wilkes Booth.

Below are examples of sources and media related to our story. That podcast will drop April 12, 2023.

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Leviticus 25: 44-46

Abolitionist John Brown
The flag of the Know Nothing Party
While looking for the photo of John Wilkes Booth with the Richmond Greys, I found someone’s who made an attempt at labeling. This is what I also believe to be true when it comes to which person is actually John Wilkes Booth.
A map that comes to us from the AP US History study site. I like this map. It’s so clear on the conflicts as well as the location.
Lawrence, Kansas

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