Who remembers that famous day and year

On this day in 1807, the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in Portland, Maine. During his lifetime, Longfellow’s poetry enjoyed extraordinary popularity at home and abroad. Many of his poems served as standard recitation pieces in American schools well into the twentieth century. Longfellow’s longer narrative poems include EvangelineExternal (1847), The Song of Hiawatha External (1855), and The CourtshipContinue reading “Who remembers that famous day and year”

John Wilkes Booth notes

In composing and researching this past episode, it presented some challenges and not just on getting the information right. The manhunt itself lasted from April 14th through April 26th. The book “Manhunt” by James Swanson is highly recommended by the way. He also wrote “Bloody Crimes” and “Chasing Lincoln’s Killer.” All three of these booksContinue reading “John Wilkes Booth notes”