John Wilkes Booth notes

In composing and researching this past episode, it presented some challenges and not just on getting the information right. The manhunt itself lasted from April 14th through April 26th. The book “Manhunt” by James Swanson is highly recommended by the way. He also wrote “Bloody Crimes” and “Chasing Lincoln’s Killer.” All three of these booksContinue reading “John Wilkes Booth notes”

Six Miles to Charleston: The True Story of John and Lavinia Fisher – Bruce Orr — The Book Life of Aubrey Smith

Synopsis Explore the grizzly tale of Charleston’s most infamous serial killers from the beginning of their reign of horror till their eventual incarceration and execution. In 1819, a young man outwitted death at the hands of John and Lavinia Fisher and sparked the hunt for Charleston’s most notorious serial killers. Former homicide investigator Bruce Orr […]Continue reading “Six Miles to Charleston: The True Story of John and Lavinia Fisher – Bruce Orr — The Book Life of Aubrey Smith”

Bruce Orr and “Six Miles to Charleston”

Notes and Reflections I started planning the season and I knew I wanted to talk about John and Lavinia Fisher. If you live in Charleston for any period of time, you know the story. The book was a gift for Christmas this year and I read it in two days! Author Bruce Orr, former policeContinue reading “Bruce Orr and “Six Miles to Charleston””

Chilly Season 3

Production schedule 2/18/22 – “Six Miles to Charleston” 2/25/22 – “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” 3/4/22 – “John Wilkes Booth” 3/11/22 – “Adams vs Jefferson” 3/18/22 – “Who’s Your Huckleberry” 3/25/22 – “Charles Ponzi” 4/1/22 – “Death of Blackbeard” 4/8/22 – “Paul Revere” 4/15/22 – “Teddy Roosevelt and College Football” 4/22/22 – “Colonial American insults”Continue reading “Chilly Season 3”

Unchained: The Eddie Van Halen Story

Unchained: The Eddie Van Halen Story (Audio)by Paul BranniganNarrated by Mike Lenz Hardcover, 288 pagesExpected publication: December 28th 2021 by Permuted PressISBN1637583508 (ISBN13: 9781637583500) My husband was caught in the narrative of the book, as he heard me listen to it. Mike Lenz voice calling out in the room distracted him as he heard ofContinue reading “Unchained: The Eddie Van Halen Story”