Bruce Orr and “Six Miles to Charleston”

Notes and Reflections

I started planning the season and I knew I wanted to talk about John and Lavinia Fisher. If you live in Charleston for any period of time, you know the story. The book was a gift for Christmas this year and I read it in two days! Author Bruce Orr, former police investigator and current ghost tour host and author of local legends and other stuff, lays out evidence as if he’s arguing the case in a court room!

The book is filled with fact! Fact. End of story.

When planning questions to ask Mr. Orr, I wrote out a few and then ran them by my wife. She offered up some ideas that I used as well. The funny part of the questions I planned was that I found myself asking more follow up questions than planned out questions. The give and take became very easy as Mr. Orr is a knowledgeable and well researched historian. Although, I feel this work is more than history.

This story is crime, ghost story/legend, history (of course), anthropology, social and justice commentary and a “whodunit” all wrapped into one. Below is a link where you can purchase the book. I recommend it and I recommend passing it along to a friend. Mr. Orr has written other books and I look forward to reading those as well as having him on again to talk more about local legends and his own ghost investigations. Yes, he’s been mentioned on “Ghost Adventures” in addition to acknowledgements in other’s books.

Click the link to purchase your own copy of “Six Miles to Charleston.” He’s also written the following; “Ghosts of Berkeley County,” “Haunted Summerville,” and “Lost in Legend.”

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