J. Wilkes Booth (1893) Review — Drew Martin Writes

For over 30 years, one of my great interests involves the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, his assassin, John Wilkes Booth, and the ins and outs, facts and “facts,” and plots, subplots, conspiracies, myths and legend that pertain. It all started in September 1991, with the segment covering Booth on the fourth season of the original run of Unsolved Mysteries. Over the years, I’ve researched a lot, read many books, and I’m always ready to re-read a favorite and look for more clues. However, I’m overjoyed when I come across one of those books I’ve heard of, read about, seen in reference lists, and are old. By old, I mean, not readily available anymore. Thanks to the fine folks at Scribd, I just finished one such book. The title is incredibly long, so I’ll reference it once. No sense in making you, dear friends and readers, keep reading it. The book? The author? How old is this thing? Of course, there’s the question of enjoyment and rating, so let’s get into all these things.

J. Wilkes Booth (1893) Review — Drew Martin Writes

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